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2013/11/01 Start of 'Deutschland wird fit Kickercup' with this software: DWF-Cup.de
2012/09/01 Start of the second 'Dyptour' with this software: Dyptour
2012/02/27 Version 6.0 released (with MonsterDYP-tournament-system, explanation here!)
2011/03/10 Version 5.0 released
2011/01/01 Start of the first 'Dyptour' with this software: Dyptour
2009/04/10 Example-videos
2009/04/06 Version 4.2 released
2008/11/22 Version 4.1 released
2008/03/03 Version 4.0 released
2008/01/27 Testing possible on http://admindemo.kickernation.org/.
2008/01/06 Version 3.4 released ChangeLog
2007/08/27 Article in CHIP-LINUX magazine 5/07 (www.chip-linux.de)
2007/08/13 Version 3.3 released
2006/09/16 Version 3.1 released
2006/05/16 Version 3.0 released
2006/03/01 Version 2.7 released
2005/11/23 Version 2.61 released
2005/10/27 Version 2.43 released
Do you still work with tournament plans like grandpa? Or excel-sheets? And you still think it doesn't work easier and faster? It does: Example-videos

Kickernation provides a powerful and user-friendly tournament software. The features-list and the multitude of possibilities are currently unbeatable.

From easy tournaments with simple automated plan up to complicated situations with multiple parallel tournaments, thousands of players, collisions, ... Everything is possible, easy to use and self-explanatory.

The free version is limited to 8 teams per tournament. The unlimited full version (millions of players are possible) costs some bucks.

The software has its origin in the year 2000 (battlenation.com) and was already used to manage many tournaments with many players in many games, online on internet (40.000 simultaneous users), offline on lanpartys (1.000 simultaneous users), on world-championships (800 simultaneous users), ... All that without a crash!

As we use the software ourselves for big and small events, it is tested exhaustively. Here are some examples of foosball tournaments:

DYP-TourFoosball-tour in whole germany with over 1000 tournaments
Players 4 Players e.V.Biggest german foosball-tournament organizer
Kickernation e.V.Foosball-tournament organizer in south germany

Have fun.

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