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  • Simplicity: Start a tournament faster and easier than on a plan? Test it, it works!
  • Self-explanatory and user-friendly.
  • Tournament-Systems: Groups, KO, DouleKO, MonsterDYP. Of course the group-tables and tournament-plans are updated automatically.
  • New MonsterDYP-tournament-system: Every round new partner and opponents!
  • Unlimited players-number/teams-number/tournaments-number/devices-number. The right plan is selected by default (4, 8, 16, 32, ..., 16384, 32768, 65536, ...)
  • Player-icons may be uploaded and shown in all plans/lists/groups.
  • Collision-Management: Players/Teams are only called to matches if they really are playable.
  • Device-Management: Matches are called on devices if they are available.
  • Prize-money-management: In case of multiple tournaments it may be much work to find out, which player has won which amount of money. The software is able to calculate that automatically.
  • Prize-money-calculator: If you don't know how to distribute the total prize-money in a tournament on the first few places, this calculator can do that.
  • The software is client-server-based. Therefore the number of users/admins that can use the software simultaneously is unlimited. At the same time all users/admins can access the same server that is running the software. The code is written in PHP (accelerated by eAccelerator), database is MySQL, webserver is APACHE. All administration/access for admins/users is simply made with a web-browser.
  • Complete english and german language support for the whole software. One can switch anytime between the two languages. Translations into other languages are possible.
  • DYP-support (Draw Your Partner = Players register to the tournament and the software creates random teams)
  • Limitation of tournaments per player to a certain number is possible. If a player tries to register to more tournaments, it will be blocked automatically.
  • Template-support: You can change the style of the pages completely by designing a new template file.
  • Match-calls: Call- and Recall-Management
  • Group-tables and tournament-plans are viewable in each dimension.
  • Admins can easily enter results, correct results even if they are already overtaken in the next round.
  • Easy-to-manage interface, that shows all open matches for all tournaments and allows admins to see the most important data at once, call matches, enter results.
  • Easy-to-register interface: One can register teams/players to tournaments very fast (by numbers) or more detailed (by names).
  • Optional Handy-SMS-messages to players. This way match-calls can be made very fast in a large number. This works only with an internet-connection.
  • Planning/calculating tool: One can calculate the duration of a tournament by entering his number of teams and devices.
  • Duration-estimation for multiple tournaments: Once all tournaments are started, the software is able to estimate the duration of the whole event. This estimation considers for each player his ELO-skill-ranking and the collisions between overlapping tournaments.
  • Satisfied tournament-players with minimum idle-time: In case of multiple-Tournaments the software prioritizes by default the players with the maximum idle-time. There are some possibilities more to select the desired match-order, for example --best-elo-skill-first--, --tournament-priority-first--,...
  • Automatic ELO-skill-rankings. The software creates elo-skill-rankings by using the chess-elo-formula (slightly changed). This rankings are created out of all tournaments using the same game. For example a different elo-ranking is created for foosball than for dart.
  • Intelligent setting of start-round by elo-skill: In KO, DoubleKO the start-round is set by elo-skill such that the best two teams will meet soonest in final, the best 4 teams meet soonest in semi-final, the best 8 soonest in quarter-final, and so on recursively. Also if there are free-tickets in the start-round, the best-elo-skilled teams will get them, of course.
  • DoubleKO: Intelligent transfer into the loosers bracket. Already played opponents will meet again as late as possible.
  • Groups-Setting by ELO works too, of course, quite similar.
  • Start-round-setting (or groups-setting) by random is possible, too.
  • Multiple folders for your different tournament-groups.
  • Optionally users are able to administrate themselves without admin-help. They can register, login, create teams, register to tournaments, enter their results, ... For an admin that is the most relaxing type of tournament. If you want to use this, you will need users that have some experience and interest in internet, for example online-players that are used to write into forums, register on game-sites, playing ladders, entering results...
  • Easy-made-results-list: One can easily publish a list of results/rankings for a single tournament or a whole tournaments-list.
  • Players-Placement: One can easily find out the placement of a player in each tournament he played.
  • Time-management support. One can create time-templates if he wants all tournaments to take place in certain time-intervals.
  • Tournaments are stoppable.