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Version 5.0 to 6.0
  • MonsterDYP-tournament-system - Every round new drawing - possible in different variations like swiss mode or random
  • Player-icons may be uploaded and shown in all plans/lists/groups.
  • Groups system: improved match order within the groups (more uniform distribution of the matches for all teams)
  • Groups system: At playoffs-creation the next best X teams can also be taken into playoffs
  • Match-list: match-priority can be set manually
  • Match-list: new order and more clearly arranged
  • Multi-tournaments: match-priority can be set by discrepance (matches fallen behind in the tournament plan)
  • TournamentStats: Tournament-priority and other options can be changed globally directly from the "TournamentStats"-page
  • Tournaments can be duplicated
  • Folders are sortable
  • Many procedures where optimized and are running much faster.
  • Registration mask(user): Double names are checked
  • Rankings can be displayed during recalculation.
  • Tournament-registration-form: Players-classification (singles/teamplay) are changeable in this form
  • TournamentStats: Money-accounting can be calculate from startfee- and prize-money-distribution and the players classifications.

Version 4.2 to 5.0
  • Tournament registration wizard makes things easier.
  • Match-list: Execution speed increased, especially in case of many conflicting matches.
  • Match list: Its displayed whether a match is blocked by another match and from which one. Also players that are already playing are highlighted.
  • Match-priority: The absolute strictness of former versions was replaced with a percental strictness, that is more scalable, works much better and saves time.
  • DoubleKO: Intelligent transfer into the loosers bracket. Already played opponents will meet again as late as possible.
  • DoubleKO tournament plan improved: A detail-view allows the user to see where the looser gets into the loosers bracket.
  • Multiple tournament registration is simplified with a new registration form. It may also be used from users to pre-register in internet.
  • Installation: Location of the BNTREE-folder is arbitrary.
  • Placementpoints rankings: There are more available variables for calculating those rankings.
  • Rankings: It is possible to enter an initial skill/point number for every user individually.
  • Rankings are calculated hidden so that the old ranking is full viewable until the new ranking is calculated.
  • Tournaments list: More columns are selectable for display, e.g. infos-column with downloadable info-file, location-column, etc.
  • Tournament stats show the allocation of the used devices.
  • Conflicting processes: The ip of the conflicting process is displayed.
  • Match list: blinking recalls after 3 minutes.
  • Chart-Printing improved. Display-bug removed. Draw is markable too.

Version 4.1 to 4.2
  • Simplified tournament options.
  • Servers renamed to devices.
  • Allow/Deny User/Root-login
  • Show/Hide different tournament-options
  • PlacementPoints-formulas are saveable at options-page.
  • Match-list can switch between showing teamnames or full-names.
  • More configurability concerning what a logged in user may change (self-registration, joining teams, ...)
  • No more character-restrictions in input-fields.
  • Tournaments: setting of the start-round improved.
  • Club-membership-management. (member-fee, ...)
  • Additional possibility for entering results for users.
  • Match-list accelerated in case of multiple tournaments.
  • Admins-list printable.
  • Users-list improved
  • Participants-list improved
  • Match-list auto-reloadable after some seconds.
  • Tournaments-list improved
  • Tournaments-teams-list improved
  • Options-page arrangement clearer
  • Users are deletable.
  • Ranking tournaments-list improved.
  • Result tournaments-list improved.
  • Number-registration improved.
  • Updated server-versions.

Version 4.0 to 4.1
  • Black-on-white display-style selectable.
  • Actual matches are highlighted in tournament plans /groups.
  • Teamnames searchable in tournament plan and match-list.
  • Teamlists are sortable in the order of registration.
  • Server-rotation improved.
  • Groups-system: Third parameter enterable.
  • Groups-system: Titles enterable for secondary and third parameter.
  • Hints for newbies.
  • Fixed content-size is possible. Usage in fixed-size-websites is easier. The example is in the templates.
  • Fixed content-size is possible. Usage in fixed-size-websites is easier. The example is in the templates.

Version 3.4 to 4.0
  • Simplicity: Start a tournament faster and easier than on a plan? Test it, it works!
  • Self-explanatory and user-friendly.
  • Manual improved.
  • Match-listing improved.
  • Groups-System - Easier result-entering directly in the match-listing.
  • Set DYP - random team-mixing can be done "good" with "bad".
  • DYP - number of players must not longer be kept exaktly.
  • PlacementPoints rankings becomes much more arbitrary with free editable formulas.
  • Server-tournament-assignment improved.
  • Email-authentification for usage on internet.
  • More options configurable for tournaments in internet.
  • HOT-Links for faster navigation.
  • Simplified admin-management.

Version 3.3 to 3.4
  • Software runs on Vista®, too.
  • Servers: Ports changed to avoid collisions (Apache from 80 to 4242, MySQL from 3306 to 4243).
  • Design changed. Template-files are now more flexible.
  • Groups-Mode: The number of groups is not longer restricted to a power of two. You can choose it freely like 3, 5, 7, whatever.
  • Groups-Mode: Playoffs are startable more variable.
  • Groups-Mode: The match-order within a group is smarter. The best teams will first meet the worst teams and the best teams will meet eachother at the end.
  • Groups-Mode: Points per win/loss/draw/default-loss are changeable.
  • Match-List: Style changed. No more auto-closing windows.
  • Processes are killable (e.g. Ranking-update).
  • Navbar changed for better overview.
  • Some little bugs fixed: Wrong matchorder sometimes, Duration-Estimation, ...

Version 3.1 to 3.3
  • List with closed matches.
  • PlacementList-Rankings mit with lots of statistics, perfect for tournament-series with fair points-repartition.
  • ELO-rankings have various new options (minimum match-number for new players, minimum matchnumber in last X days)
  • Groups-system: Ranking within a group improved. (1. points, 2. frag-difference, 3. direct comparison, 4. direct comparison of the frags)
  • Groups-system: display changed, if ranking is not unique after all.
  • Random number at DYP-drawing changeable by admin.
  • Directly searching for players possible. Thus overview gets much better on many pages. Logged in players are auto-selected for search. (tournament-plans, group-lists, group-games, rankings, ranking-game-lists, ...)
  • ELO-rankings: User- or team-rankings are selectable at each number of players per team.
  • ELO-rankings: Matchlist displayable with all matches concerning a ranking.
  • Optionally: Users/guests aren't allowed to register or to change anything. Important for events, where the users have access to the system but the admins want to administrate all themselves.
  • Playoffs are launchable for last X places too (not only for first X places), after group-games have ended.
  • Button for rankings-update moved to "rankings"-page.
  • Match-list: Match-order is strict by default.
  • Match-list: In setup-page (ADMINISTR.==>options) the default for match-sorting is configurable.
  • Tournaments with empty teams (ohne Spieler, nur Teamnamen) startable. Only for admins. May save some time not to register all users first. This is not recommendable for events with conflicting tournaments (consisting of the same users).
  • Login-structure changed. Accidentally logout should not occure anymore.
  • No expiration date
  • Free version limited to 16 teams or 32 players.
  • The template file has changed. If you have made an own template-file, you will have to adapt it.
  • Tournaments are stoppable.

Version 3.0 to 3.1
  • Groups-system: Playoffs-setting improved.
  • Groups-system: Display improved.
  • SMS-system: All players are mentionened in the match-SMS.
  • Small display-bugs (as double-lines) removed.
  • Expiration date: 2008/01/01-00:00:00

Version 2.7 to 3.0
  • Team-replacement: One can safely replace a team with another in a running tournament. That is for the case you have registered the wrong team to a tournament.
  • List of open matches: One can mark all new matches as called at once.
  • Server-Assignment: One can assign servers by name to all tournaments in the default tournaments folder.
  • Printing of simplified teamlists possible.
  • Prize-money-calculator calculates also the rest-prize-money a player has left.
  • Number-based-registration of teams: Players without handy are marked clearly and click on them pops up a new window for conveniently entering the handy-number.
  • One can turn off the SkillDiff-column in result-lists.
  • Small display-bugs (as double-lines) were removed.
  • Expiration date: 2007/01/01-00:00:00

Version 2.61 to 2.7
  • Prize-money-management: In case of multiple tournaments it may be much work to find out, which player has won which amount of money. The software is able to calculate that automatically.
  • Prize-money-calculator: If you don't know how to distribute the total prize-money in a tournament on the first few places, this calculator can do that.
  • The default order to set matches is now selectable in the options-page.
  • DYP-Registration made more comfortable.
  • Show list of names that are double in the database.
  • Expiration date set to 2007/01/01-00:00:00
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